• Nate

Easy-Wipe Packaging Is Already Here!

How many FREE lettuce deliveries include a FREE wipe? In this time of heightened hygiene, we're glad we do, but we must admit it was due to a bit of bad luck we had during the process of ordering the packaging for this project. Remember that scene in This Is Spinal Tap when a real-life replica of Stonehenge doesn't show up, but an itsy-bitsy one does? The silver insulation bag in these pictures has a number that's one off from the clear, skinny bag. When the little bags showed up instead of the big ones, I first thought I'd have to figure out how to return the stuff, then make a stupid extra trip to the mail-box place, and pay for shipping two cases of what appeared at that point to be garbage. Fortunately, sticking in the business card and a homemade wipe (soaked in FDA-approved sodium hypochlorite) popped into my head the next day, and I realized the important function the little bags could serve.

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