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Thanks, Tierra Contenta!

Today, I went to collect the reusable packaging that Lettuce, Etc purchased for this SFCC study. The insulated bags reflect light and heat, are advertised as being able to last more than 100 uses, and are super cleanable.

I put a frozen, wiped-clean icepack in each bag, but in most cases I'm sure that was unnecessary at this time of year--as long as the bag can be left in the shade. But occasionally, when the delivery had to be left in the rising sun, I was glad the icepack was there.

I'd like to thank the awesome people of Tierra Contenta for making the pickup process easy. Got 100% back with only two people who needed to be reminded from the driveway. In the future, the bags will be picked up two weeks after delivery when we show up with the next bag....but that's not happening during the course of this study. (Also, about 60% have already completed the survey which is not due until Saturday. These folks are on it!)

Our greatest concern is for the health and well being of project participants, so each bag got a bleach wipe-down complete with spray bottle and elbow grease on the way back into a sealed bin in the van. Tomorrow, I will spray them again and let them dry in the sun before sealing them up safely for next Wednesday's run.

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